Good day, I hope this day finds you well!

My name's Laura and my other half is Matt, and we make a fun Canon-Nikon duo!

From weddings to man's best friend, our style captures beautiful light, attention to detail, and emotion. As our client, you'll have the delightful occasion of having one or both of us as your photographer. We look forward to laughing and smiling together with you! Individual portraits start at $150 and our pricing sheet is available upon request. 

Within a given day, beyond anyone's count, inspiration beckons to be captured! We love to explore and travel, which makes us appreciate photographing the moment and remembering it for years to come! To capture fleeting moments within nature, whether human or natural, and apply creative interpretation to that moment is not only about the use of the camera, but the appreciation of the occasion as well. May you be transported as your enjoy our photographs throughout this site!

Laura and Matt